Commercial Sales

The Leaf Group is a member of several reporting services that provide up-to-the-minute information on listings. Through our strategic partners, we have extensive and desirable “off-market” product. In the fast-paced and red hot aggressive market, we provide a knowledge base that gives you a valuable advantage. We can assist in acquisition of product or development tracts. Our knowledgeable team can position your commercial holdings for disposition.

Residential Sales

The Leaf Group’s analytical approach to real estate investments ensures trusted and reliable data that lead to sound decisions. We create customized portfolio options to maximize your equity earning potential. From investment grade product to individual private investment opportunities, we are by your side during all phases of acquisition and disposition. We buy and sell and have buyer and seller representation programs. Whether you are a seasoned investor or first time buyer, we are ready to partner for the future.

Development Projects

The Leaf Group is capable of providing investors full tract development representation. From acquisition to design to governmental approval to the launch phase, we will give all parties the necessary advice and data. Our team and expert partners will structure and navigate your goals throughout the transaction. We can explore redevelopment or start-up product options. We have experience in communicating and coordinating with lenders, limited and general partnerships, and legal and architectural interests. The complexities of development require a trusted, reliable, knowledgeable partner…The Leaf Group is the right choice.